This breathing technique helps remove accumulated toxins and regenerate every cell in the body with prana, sanskrit word. This increases lung capacity, oxygenation of cells and the elimination of toxins, and at the same time, balances emotions and calms the mind.

Combined with a balanced diet, good sleep and control of emotions, breathing is one of the vital functions that help the body to be healthy.

Therefore, we must learn to breathe properly to absorb oxygen better and nutrients that our cells require, while the toxins are discarded.

According to an expert on breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya, the Foundation’s “The Art of Living,” Luis Diego Cob, said that breathing is the perfect tool to manage the mind and emotions, and thus the tool to improve our wellness. Unfortunately, in Western cultures has not devoted sufficient attention to the breath, he said.

Currently, the stress generated by various economic reasons, insecurity, among others, raise stress. Anxiety, frustration, helplessness, fear, and other recurring emotions generated by the unbalanced stress to our body and can lead to cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer, emotional disorders such as depression or insomnia, and even accelerate the aging process skin.

Few know how to counter the stress because the mind is trapped between the past and the future, said Cob. When the mind is clinging to the past, there’s anger, regret and guilt, and when the mind is in the future, there is the anxiety, nerves and fear. This fluctuation creates a great emotional and physiological said.

If we learn and can handle stress through breathing, we have much more energy and better health and wellness in all areas of our lives. The mind can be handled through breathing.

If you look carefully we can see that every emotion has a corresponding breathing pattern, as when we are depressed breathing is slow and deliberate, with emphasis on the exhale. When we are happy the emphasis is on the inhale, and when we alter or get angry, breathing becomes rapid and short. Children when they get angry just breathe.

L-breath is intimately associated with emotions, so if we learn more about its different rhythms, we can learn to manage emotions, presented Cob.

The four main energy sources are: Power, Sleep, Breath and Mind Balance. In a full body, we feel full of energy, vitality and joy, as when we arrived at the seaside or the mountains. In addition, the immune system rises, improving health, the smoothness of the skin and hair, and calming the nervous system.

The bellows breathing technique called “natural instant coffee, is a vigorous inhalation and exhalation through the nose, coordinated with a movement of arms, inhaling raise the arms vigorously spreading his hands. As you exhale forcefully through your nose, hitting the arms are lowered slightly the area of the ribs, leaving the hands to shoulder height again as the starting position. In conclusion, we performed an adequate relaxation, which helps a deep sleep, increase mental focus and clarity and even rejuvenation.

Scientific and medical studies in several countries have evaluated the effect of this technique in the body, and ensure that the steady state, freedom and fullness that get put into circulation neuropeptides that positively influence health.

Similarly, have found that breathing practices reduce the level of cortisol, along with other stress hormones responsible, scientifically confirmed the effectiveness of breathing to combat mental exhaustion.

They have also proven effective against various diseases such as depression, combat mental exhaustion, improve the immune system and even reverse the formation of free radicals.

In studying the effect of proper breathing in antioxidant enzymes, the results obtained suggest that practitioners of SK have a better antioxidant status and a stronger defense against oxidative body wear.

Imedeen recommended nutrition care according to age and lifestyle, as it is a key factor in maintaining healthy skin, incorporating fruits and vegetables daily diet, rich in vitamins and take Imedeen Classic tablets, Time Perfection and Prime Renewal containing these essential nutrients to the skin and act from within.

Develop a sleep seven to eight hours to help you regain your energy and rest needed for the body and mind. According to experts from “The Art of Living”, the biggest break for body and mind can be achieved in a few minutes because 20 minutes of deep meditation is equivalent to six hours of sleep.

When breathing properly, you get a better antioxidant status will help eliminate free radicals. Also, learn to manage emotions through breathing help keep the mind balanced, stress, which damages health and can cause premature aging of the skin.