shamanic-journeyIn simple terms, shamanism is a technique that requires altered state of consciousness to travel to “other worlds” to communicate with spirits or guides. It is the shamanic journey. During this journey, the shaman can experience events relating to his life and his past lives, and can also often see elements of future possibilities. The shaman can see this causing a problem for his patient, whether physical or psychological / emotional. The shaman “trip” on behalf of the patient to help him with his problems.

Some shamanic cultures use drugs and / or alcohol to go into a trance, but this can not be advised: this is very dangerous and it is also impossible to control the trance while you are under the influence of substances that control the mind. Many Westerners are intrigued to want to experiment Enough With The Amazonian plant Ayahuasca Which Is, Indeed, Used by Many shamanistic culture as to enter trance. Although thesis cultures are doing to defend What They Cdn Their millennia-long use of Ayahuasca, it has been “Outlawed By The United Nations Because Of The Hazards Associated with its use.

More commonly, the trance is achieved through the use of drums, maracas and dances, often accompanied by the scents of sage or incense.

Many people say that shamanism is the first religion in the world, while others say it is not a religion. Some claim that its witchcraft and others say it is irrational to schizophrenic delusions. It is much more complex to try to answer these questions and this is part of the training programs I offer, but I’ll try to post some articles that will enlighten you a little about these and other questions – please check the site regularly!