Ravi Shankar (honored with the title of “Sri Sri”) was founded in 1956 by a prominent family of South India. Followers say that just four years was able to recite the entire Bhagavad Gita. Seventeen Not yet finished his studies, including a specialization in modern science. Its existence is entirely dedicated to what he calls “re-evaluation of human values.” In 1982 he founded the United States, the ‘ Art of Living Foundation , an educational organization, while in 1986 he was appointed “Yoga Shiromani (Supreme Teacher union with the Self). The fact that he founded collaborates with various NGOs and UN teams, with the aim of raising awareness of human values. Thus was born the ‘ International Association for Human Values , headquartered in Geneva, which embodies the common goal of all initiatives and inspired by Ravi Shankar. Since November 1996, the Art of Living Foundation is an NGO in consultative status with respect to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. Since 1999 it has actively engaged in a worldwide campaign on human values along with other organizations around the world have similar aims.

The Art of Living offers educational programs, experiential processes and practical tools for stress management, and to resolve conflicts, improve health and living life with more joy and enthusiasm. These programs would be approached, according to the Foundation, more than one million people in ninety countries around the world. The Foundation has affiliated offices in all continents.

The “5H Program” is a volunteer of the International Association for Human Values, which offers development projects in social and community focused on five objectives: Health (Health), Homes (houses), Hygiene (Hygiene) Harmony amidst Diversity (harmony in diversity), Human Values (human values). The program gives everyone the opportunity to approach it to put into practice the values of compassion and service to society, and to contribute to the improvement of social conditions of the poor. In addition, it provides a service model that the company could, according to the Association, to emulate. In the context of “Project 5H”, in various poor areas of Africa and Asia have opened schools that provide basic education and vocational training, helping to re-evaluate traditional knowledge in the light of modern science were made Free medical facilities and accommodation, is on the project “Health Services” which offers free training in theory and practice in holistic medicine and hygiene.

In 1992 Ravi Shankar’s launch of the foundation Prison SMART (Stress Management and Rehabilitative Training “, or” stress management and rehabilitation “), whose activities are aimed at people involved in the justice system: prison inmates, youth at risk, victims of crime and professionals working in the field of justice. Over twenty thousand people participated in the Prison SMART program, which the United States and India are studied as solutions to break the cycle of violence in society and are the focus of scientific research – United States – in 1995 and 1998.

The Foundation implements also a series of training programs – also the subject of medical studies in the years 1997-1998 – ART Excel (All ‘Round Training for Excellence “training round excellence”); Corporate Executive Program (In-company training) programs for alcoholics, drug addicts, victims of abuse, subject to depression, chronic medical conditions or terminal victims of war or natural disasters, and programs for conflict resolution.

In Italy, Roberto San Lorenzo and Silvia Hope – after having personally met Ravi Shankar and his teachings in depth – give birth in July of 1999, Art of Living to reality (in our country, the Art of Living Foundation adopted the Italian name, but has the same aims of the Foundation at the international level), which currently has a number of contacts in the various regions. The Italian company, on the occasion of New Year’s Day 2000, organized the New Millennium World Meeting in Marina di Carrara (Massa Carrara), under the patronage of the Tuscany Region and the Province of Massa Carrara. The meeting came from all over the world for an entire week, about 1,300 people. Following the Meeting, 6 January 2000, Ravi Shankar, the presence of about eight hundred people, held a public conference in Milan. In our country are on a hundred members who embrace the goals of the Art of Living and may use as a means of communication web site that provides updated news and announcements on the various activities (events, courses, etc.) organized in Italy) .

Ravi Shankar, also drawing on the spiritual heritage from India, draws inspiration from different religious and spiritual traditions of humanity, which recognizes and affirms the universal aspect of universalization, going beyond the historical and social needs in which they were developed. According to the ancient Indian heritage associated with the Vedic tradition is so widespread throughout the world in an accessible and modern. According to Art of Living, there are seven levels of human existence: body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and self. Health teaching of Ravi Shankar is not understood simply as the absence of disease, but it coincides with the harmony of these seven levels.

Art of Living stresses the importance of learning techniques to preserve or restore this harmony. Thus it is promoted and improved the integrity of the individual at every level and is the second Art of Living a transformation of the person in terms of physical, emotional and mental health. The techniques, which use the breath as the primary tool, they have two levels of application. The first application consists of several types of pranayana (from Sanskrit, literally “send or store vital energy”), which coincides with the inhalation and exhalation take power with the elimination of toxins in the body. Pranayana I aim to keep the mind calm and clear, to expand the lung capacity, to “energize” the entire body. The second application (the cornerstone of techniques taught by Ravi Shankar) is the Sudarshan kryia (from Sanskrit, literally “purifying action that allows you to have a clear vision of his own nature”), who works with the breath in its dual nature: vital energy intake and release of toxins and rhythm. The Sudarshan kryia triggers a process of healing that brings the individual to enjoy significant benefits, including greater sense of satisfaction in daily life, increase ability to manage emotions and stress, improving global health.

The ultimate goal of these techniques is the revitalization of the seven levels and re-tuning of the first six with the self that is free from toxins, not just as chemical toxins, as well as stress, tension, rigid mental structures, emotional trauma. Re-tuning is realized in ensuring that the levels act in a coordinated and harmonious, and this should be expressed in the natural effects, or the self. When it does not arise forms of discomfort, of which one example – among many in this regard provided by the teaching of Art of Living – is the continuing activity of the mind even at the end of a working day, when you should rest. When the body is full of energy and the seven levels are in harmony, it is natural and spontaneous for the individual to express basic human values, which are the true human nature and the Art of Living shows how goal: respect and care to all forms of life, nonviolence, compassion, friendship and cooperation, generosity and sharing, belonging, ecological sensitivity, social solidarity, commitment and responsibility, peace, joy and enthusiasm, integrity, honesty and sincerity.

Particular emphasis is also placed on the body work, aiming to achieve awareness of the link between emotions and sensations of the body – as a means of self-knowledge – and to create and maintain a healthy and efficient. Another tool which uses the Art of Living is Sahaj Samadhi meditation. Meditation is defined as a state of being, in which, without effort, the individual comes into contact with the deepest part of the self, the essence of humanity. In the meditative state is the metabolic activity is the mental suffering a substantial slowdown, even higher than that occurs during sleep. There is therefore a deep sleep. To achieve this state using a method that dates back to ancient Vedic tradition. Ravi Shankar, in addition to teaching techniques, makes use of other instruments, including a knowledge system aimed to capture and integrate in their daily lives the principles of healthy and effective and to recognize the mechanisms of the human mind that create stress and discomfort and then with the help of the techniques, get away from them.