Nov 09

The contents of the Five Precepts of Buddhism

five-precepts-of-buddhismThe contents of the Five Precepts Five Precepts is a not killing, not stealing second and third no adultery, no lying four or five non-drinkers. This is the Five Precepts is the basic Buddhist precepts four disciples, both monks and nuns are to be observed at home. “Miscellaneous Agama” Volume Thirteen contains: Yunhe called Upasaka quit the situation right? Away from killing, and taking, sexual misconduct, lying, drinking, not music for, is the name Upasaka ring situation right. Five Precepts can be seen at home Upasaka, upasika precepts should be upheld. Continue Reading »

Nov 07

Eight-fold Path

1. Right Knowledge

  • Understand the Four Noble Truths

2. Right Thinking

  • Decide to set a life on the correct path

3. Right Speech

  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t criticize others unjustly
  • Don’t use harsh language
  • Don’t gossip Continue Reading »
Nov 07

Buddhas Life

buddhas-life-1 Buddha was around 560 BC. The son of a royal family on the southern edge of today’s Nepal of the city at that time Kapilavastu born near. The family belonged to the family of the Shakya clan, and to the line of Gautama, Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni where his name is.

His birth in a full moon day in May was accompanied by special signs, and his parents received the following prophecy: “When the boy was not with the suffering of the world comes in contact, he will become a great ruler and your wishes to meet all the case. But he afflictive all conditioned states perceive, he will leave everything and completely new dimension to bring the world one. ” Continue Reading »

Nov 07

Circling Light/Energy

circling-light-energySit comfortably and relax. Direct your awareness within your body; feel the warmth of your body and feel the blood circulate in the vessels. As you feel life pulsate in your body, let your awareness become finer and try to feel the finer inner energies. Do not tell yourself that this is “only your imagination.” It works nevertheless. You will feel light encircling your body.

Feel that light rises up your right arm, beginning at the palm hands, and as it flows into your chest. (Here you may pause, holding your awareness here, while breathing in and out.) Then feel that the light that entered your chest from your right arm crosses your chest and continues down your left arm to the palms of both hands. Continue Reading »

Nov 04

Element Symbols

You may wish to use elemental symbols in your rituals, whether by visualizing them to empower yourself with the energy of a particular element, or by drawing them in the air or on the earth during magic. I’ll simply introduce the symbols, they are simple yet very magical. Continue Reading »

Nov 04

Elemental Magic II

Elemental Magic II will cover some more advanced techniques to be used during elemental magic. Please be sure you have read Elemental Magic I first so that you have the foundation in place to learn these advanced techniques.

Having learned the basics and experimented with them, you should no longer need any physical tools for working with the elements, so I will not cover having the element physically present. At this point, you should be ready to use no tools but your own mind. Continue Reading »

Nov 04

Elemental Magic I

Elemental Magic I will cover basic techniques for directing elemental energy towards a goal.

Your first step in any ritual involving elements is to decide which element you need to work with. Consider your goal and then choose the element most appropriate for reaching that goal:

Earth: Formative, strong
Air: Moving, psychic, communicating
Fire: Transforming, energetic, strong emotions
Water: Soothing, relaxing, deals with feelings and emotions Continue Reading »

Oct 31

View 1- Sorrow Follows You

The death of the physical body is determined by natural law, which is governed by divine law. To take one’s physical life is to break that law, with the result that there must be special care and arrangements made in the spiritual world. In other words, breaking natural law must be accounted for before one can go to higher levels. Continue Reading »

Oct 31

Suicide and the Afterlife

Probably one out of every ten people who come to this site looking for information on NDEs are doing so because they want to know what the afterlife is like, before they take a leap and commit suicide. Not only do we not condone this- we don’t suggest it.

It’s very hard to take an approach on the subject of suicide and the afterlife without presenting any confusion or further questions, or without making it sound like a good idea. It is not. Suicide is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself spiritually. Continue Reading »

Oct 31

The Collective Near-Death Experience

The four levels of near-death and otherworldly imagery can be interpreted literally, symbolically, or as if divinely inspired. The is tremendous value to be gained for the experiencers, significant others, and the general public if all three interpretative possibilities are applied. Doing this broadens and deepens the effect of what happened and adds rich layers of value and meaning. To insist that there is only one way to regard any given scenario is to limit the power of what can be learned from it. Continue Reading »

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