how-to-become-a-buddhistThey also apply the ideas and the Buddhist teachings that they acquire in their work and their social relations. You are probably one of those who are very interested in Buddhism and you may one day decide to follow a formal disciple of Buddha and living the path of understanding, faith and love.

Know the Basics

If you want to make Buddhism your religion and become a Buddhist, first there are things to know. First, you must be familiar with the principles of Buddhism such as karma , rebirth , the four noble truths, the eight paths, and the five precepts, the Nembutsu, the Pure Land and Nirvana.

It is not necessary to accept these concepts early, but we must be prepared to examine them. The Buddha never asked his disciples to believe in something he said it. He said that everyone needs to find the truth for himself.
Understanding is important

In Buddhism, understanding is the most important thing and it takes some time. So do not impulsively rush into Buddhism. Take your time, ask questions, carefully consider what you said and then make your decision.

The Buddha was not interested in having a large number of disciples. He was rather concerned that people should follow his teachings as a result of a thorough investigation, review the facts and personal experience.

How can you become a Buddhist?

– Join a group or a Buddhist temple, be supportive and be supported by others and continue to learn about the Buddha’s teaching but before that you must understand Buddhism.

– Read about teaching , apply the teachings in your life, and open your heart and spirit to the work of great compassion.

– Then, when you’re ready, you can officially become a Buddhist with an affirmation or a ceremony of ordination.
Affirmation and ordination

The decision to become a Buddhist is marked by an affirmation or a ceremony of ordination. These two types of ceremonies are different, but share certain religious aspects.

First, the affirmation or Kikyoshiki ceremony is special, it only exists in Shin Buddhism.

It is a form of personal religious confirmation, during which the participant publicly recognizes its orientation and its commitment to the pure land (Nirvana), the path of Shinran Shonin and recognition in his life.

As indicated above, this ceremony is only for Buddhists Shin,

represent a lay religious movement and not a religious order. This ceremony does not involve the transmission of the

Three Jewels or five or ten precepts .

However, the ceremony of ordination is conferred only by a fully ordained monk Penant which the participant receives a “human rights” or “teacher to student”, the transmission of the Three Jewels and Five Precepts and can sometimes have the Bodhisattva vows

The participant is then ordered as a tracker and known as an upasaka (ordained lay follower males) or upasika (lay ordained female). He or she then receives a certificate and a Buddhist name.

Consequently, the ordained is officially launched as part linked to a monastic order, in which he or she is dedicated to the Three Jewels and Five Precepts.