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Cycles how to use them what they mean

There are seven main energy centers of the body (chakras) are. These chakras are like energy increases, related to each others. Using seven colors of the spectrum, Colour Therapy balance and enhance our body’s energy centers / chakras and also to help stimulate our body’s own healing process is. Color Therapy again uses color to balance the cycle reduce the energy. Continue Reading »

Meditation column of Light

meditation-column-of-lightLike all other meditations this meditation as well should be started with prayer and the feeling of unification with all beings. A ritual may intensify your prayer and your inner state of peace and love.

As soon as haste and problems of life have vanished, start your meditation on light:

Imagine above you the spiritual world, in the same way as heaven is thought to be above our heads (this is a psychic, archetypic inner orientation). From this spiritual world a stream of light flows through the top of your head and flows down the spine. Continue Reading »

Circling Light/Energy

circling-light-energySit comfortably and relax. Direct your awareness within your body; feel the warmth of your body and feel the blood circulate in the vessels. As you feel life pulsate in your body, let your awareness become finer and try to feel the finer inner energies. Do not tell yourself that this is “only your imagination.” It works nevertheless. You will feel light encircling your body.

Feel that light rises up your right arm, beginning at the palm hands, and as it flows into your chest. (Here you may pause, holding your awareness here, while breathing in and out.) Then feel that the light that entered your chest from your right arm crosses your chest and continues down your left arm to the palms of both hands. Continue Reading »

Past Lives Meditation


Make sure you either tape your experience and/or have your partner write down what you say. Continue Reading »

Sun Meditation


This is a mini vacation you can take whenever you want. It’s your secret place. The place you can go to when you want to relax. This mediation helps us to master the everyday life. Try it when you’re stressed. Continue Reading »

Basic Features of Meditation

basic-features-of-meditationThe feeling of being in control of your own destiny is a major goal of meditation. Meditation relaxes the mind and body. it the first step in learning to use your psychic powers. Lower blood pressure and reduced stress result from consistent practice of meditation. Successful meditation is simple when you know what to expect. Except for minor variations the process is the same for everyone.

First get in a comfortable position, sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Don t lie down if you fall asleep easy. Relax your body, close your eyes and become very still. Soft music aids concentration and helps mask room noises. Continue Reading »

Tibetain Long Term Meditations

At the first look Tibetan long term meditation seems to have nothing to do with OBE. The reason is that the Buddhism has no interest at aspects of the world of illusions to which OBE observations do belong. In Buddhism alone the aspect of liberation from the bondings is counting. OBEs instead has visionary character and visions are charcterized by forms and colors and thus are an expression of Maya, the world of illusion. Only an experience beyond forms, space and time can be an expression of nirvana. For this reason every experience in meditation, which might have the character of OBEs or is of visionary quality is not worth while to be spoken or written about. Continue Reading »

Meditation Getting to the Truth

Picture the word that is most applicable to the problem you now have, and see it clearly in huge block letters marked on a door. Pick the door carefully and note the details of it. Perhaps it is an ornately carved antique door or it is a very simple wooden or painted door. Now see the word you’ve chosen standing out clearly on that door.

Very gently open that door and look in front of you, to the left and to the right to see what is there, just as you would if you went into a room you had never been in before. Continue Reading »

Creating Your Own Meditation

I receive requests for more written meditations frequently. While I do plan to write up some new ones quite soon, the last time I received this request I wrote the following in response. I feel it may help others to know how to write their own meditation. Remember that meditations you write will work better than any written by someone else.

Consider your favorite place, or somewhere you’d like to be that has a lot to interest you and would keep your mind busy. Make sure you are comfortable, and take a few deep breaths. Take yourself to that place. Imagine all the things you would see and respond to them just as if it were real life, meet people and create scenarios. Rather than having an unorganized array of disconnected thoughts, you can concentrate on the scene. As you get deeper into the meditation you will find the scenery and schemes simplifying until you are basically “gone” with the meditation. You can even make a tape recording to guide you on a meditation journey. One can also use this method to go somewhere to find an answer- this would again require personal devising. Continue Reading »