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Element Symbols

You may wish to use elemental symbols in your rituals, whether by visualizing them to empower yourself with the energy of a particular element, or by drawing them in the air or on the earth during magic. I’ll simply introduce the symbols, they are simple yet very magical. Continue Reading »

Elemental Magic II

Elemental Magic II will cover some more advanced techniques to be used during elemental magic. Please be sure you have read Elemental Magic I first so that you have the foundation in place to learn these advanced techniques.

Having learned the basics and experimented with them, you should no longer need any physical tools for working with the elements, so I will not cover having the element physically present. At this point, you should be ready to use no tools but your own mind. Continue Reading »

Elemental Magic I

Elemental Magic I will cover basic techniques for directing elemental energy towards a goal.

Your first step in any ritual involving elements is to decide which element you need to work with. Consider your goal and then choose the element most appropriate for reaching that goal:

Earth: Formative, strong
Air: Moving, psychic, communicating
Fire: Transforming, energetic, strong emotions
Water: Soothing, relaxing, deals with feelings and emotions Continue Reading »

Create a Living Elemental

One can create a thought form and infuse it with emotional energy. This creates what is called an artificial elemental or a familiar. Its purpose is to serve as a watcher, a guard, a messenger, or a companion. You may or may not be able to physically see it, but either way, you will be able to sense it. DO NOT create an artificial elemental that you do not need. If you create one and think you have failed, you are likely to be wrong… the last thing you want to do is create an elemental and not realist it. Be responsible for your actions! Continue Reading »

Sacred Stone Circle

The sacred stone circle is ideal for any type of working — meditation, energy raising, ritual practice, divination. It is best built outdoors, but can easily be built inside. This attunes you with your natural energy, your higher self, and the spirit world.

For the circle of stones you will need four large stones, a bowl of water, a stick of sandlewood incense, salt, and a red candle.

Place your first stone in the north. Walking clockwise, place the second stone in the east, then south, then west. The result will be a square of stones with enough space to sit or work:


This square represents the earth (physical) plane. Now, take a handful of salt and walk clockwise (beginning at the north), pouring the salt in a circle connecting the stones. As you do this, feel the protecting blessing energy of the salt:


This represents the “overlapping” of the earth plane and the spirit (nonphysical) planes so that you may safely work closer to the nonphysical realm.

Now place your bowl of earth on or beside the north stone. Move to the east stone and place your incense on or beside the stone. Light it, and move on the to south stone. Place your candle here and light it. Finally, place the bowl of water in the west.

Sit facing north, or whichever direction you are most comfortable. You may now begin your meditation or ritual work within your sacred stone circle!

Finding Your Magical Place

There is a magical place for everyone. This is a place where one feels most comfortable and believes their magic is best worked. This may be within the home, outdoors, anywhere! There are a few requirements you should keep in mind when finding your magical place:

1. It should be safe.

2. You must be able to get privacy at some point in your magical place.

3. You need enough room to be comfortable and move around. Continue Reading »

Magic for All Religions

Magic knows no boundaries, and that includes religion. My saying is “magic is as religiously specific as baking a pie”. People commonly associate witchcraft with the religion of Wicca. This is a misconception. Witchcraft was around long before Wicca, in fact, it was around long before any major world religion. So let’s clear that mentality away right now. Magic is appropriate for any religion. Continue Reading »