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View 1- Sorrow Follows You

The death of the physical body is determined by natural law, which is governed by divine law. To take one’s physical life is to break that law, with the result that there must be special care and arrangements made in the spiritual world. In other words, breaking natural law must be accounted for before one can go to higher levels. Continue Reading »

Suicide and the Afterlife

Probably one out of every ten people who come to this site looking for information on NDEs are doing so because they want to know what the afterlife is like, before they take a leap and commit suicide. Not only do we not condone this- we don’t suggest it.

It’s very hard to take an approach on the subject of suicide and the afterlife without presenting any confusion or further questions, or without making it sound like a good idea. It is not. Suicide is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself spiritually. Continue Reading »

The Collective Near-Death Experience

The four levels of near-death and otherworldly imagery can be interpreted literally, symbolically, or as if divinely inspired. The is tremendous value to be gained for the experiencers, significant others, and the general public if all three interpretative possibilities are applied. Doing this broadens and deepens the effect of what happened and adds rich layers of value and meaning. To insist that there is only one way to regard any given scenario is to limit the power of what can be learned from it. Continue Reading »

Near-Death Experiences (NDE) FAQ

Question: Does NDE proof the reality of reincarnation?

Answer: Not directly, what it does do is prove the spiritual nature of man. More than any other type of spiritual event, the NDE has got the general public interested in metaphysical ideas again. I have read NDEs where reincarnation is discussed and where the experiencer asks questions about it. It was not discussed in my NDE, but the event increased my will to learn everything about the spirit world and indirectly caused me to learn, ask about it, and prove it to myself. I now know many of my past lives. Continue Reading »

Create a Living Elemental

One can create a thought form and infuse it with emotional energy. This creates what is called an artificial elemental or a familiar. Its purpose is to serve as a watcher, a guard, a messenger, or a companion. You may or may not be able to physically see it, but either way, you will be able to sense it. DO NOT create an artificial elemental that you do not need. If you create one and think you have failed, you are likely to be wrong… the last thing you want to do is create an elemental and not realist it. Be responsible for your actions! Continue Reading »

Sacred Stone Circle

The sacred stone circle is ideal for any type of working — meditation, energy raising, ritual practice, divination. It is best built outdoors, but can easily be built inside. This attunes you with your natural energy, your higher self, and the spirit world.

For the circle of stones you will need four large stones, a bowl of water, a stick of sandlewood incense, salt, and a red candle.

Place your first stone in the north. Walking clockwise, place the second stone in the east, then south, then west. The result will be a square of stones with enough space to sit or work:


This square represents the earth (physical) plane. Now, take a handful of salt and walk clockwise (beginning at the north), pouring the salt in a circle connecting the stones. As you do this, feel the protecting blessing energy of the salt:


This represents the “overlapping” of the earth plane and the spirit (nonphysical) planes so that you may safely work closer to the nonphysical realm.

Now place your bowl of earth on or beside the north stone. Move to the east stone and place your incense on or beside the stone. Light it, and move on the to south stone. Place your candle here and light it. Finally, place the bowl of water in the west.

Sit facing north, or whichever direction you are most comfortable. You may now begin your meditation or ritual work within your sacred stone circle!

Finding Your Magical Place

There is a magical place for everyone. This is a place where one feels most comfortable and believes their magic is best worked. This may be within the home, outdoors, anywhere! There are a few requirements you should keep in mind when finding your magical place:

1. It should be safe.

2. You must be able to get privacy at some point in your magical place.

3. You need enough room to be comfortable and move around. Continue Reading »

Magic for All Religions

Magic knows no boundaries, and that includes religion. My saying is “magic is as religiously specific as baking a pie”. People commonly associate witchcraft with the religion of Wicca. This is a misconception. Witchcraft was around long before Wicca, in fact, it was around long before any major world religion. So let’s clear that mentality away right now. Magic is appropriate for any religion. Continue Reading »

Past Lives Meditation


Make sure you either tape your experience and/or have your partner write down what you say. Continue Reading »

This Week’s Tarot Lesson The Ace of Pentacles

this-weeks-tarot-lesson-the-ace-of-pentacles1This simple graphic says much more that it seems to. It’s a flower garden and a garden is the symbol of magick. The Ace of Pentacles is the means of magick. You’ll notice there’s a gate in this garden. I got that idea from the Pamela Smith deck. It’s gate to and from the astral plane. Here’s a hint for you. The way you control a plane is from the one above it.

You do that by constructing an astral image. Then you find a suitable symbol for your idea and charge it with the astral image. It can be a picture or an object, but it must be something you can touch smell taste, see or hear. For instance a properly made business card is a good Pentacle. Continue Reading »

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